Custom Patches Spokane, Washington

We design custom patches to help your brand get noticed.

One of the hottest trends right now are custom patches. We offer several styles of patches and hundreds of customization options to help set your brand apart. Not only can we produce the custom patches for you, we can also embroider, sew or heat seal them to the item for you. Let our team of patch design experts help you create the perfect custom patch that your followers will rave about.

 Custom Embroidered Patch with Merrow Edge

Custom Embroidered Patches

A timeless design style, embroidered patches give your design a more dimensional quality look. We take your design and embroider it on a piece of twill fabric and have multiple edging and backing styles to choose from. Embroidered patches are capable of higher detail than traditional embroidery.

Custom Woven Patch with Merrow Edge

Custom Woven Patches

If your design has a lot of fine detail or small lettering, woven patches are a great solution to delivering a crisp and clean patch.

Custom Leather Patch

Custom Leather Patches

Our custom leather and faux leather patches really take your patch game to the next level. Give your brand a  natural, rugged look with our custom leather patches.

Custom FlexStyle Patch

Custom FlexStyle® Patches

One of the newest premium patch styles, FlexStyle® offers your brand a dimensional cutting-edge look and feel to make your logo or design really pop. 

Custom Sublimated Patch

Custom Full Color Sublimation Patches

If your design has a lot of colors, gradients, small details or is photographic, our full-color digitally sublimated patches are a great option.

Custom PVC Patch

Custom 3D Rubber PVC Patches

Give your design a modern, multi-dimensional look with our PVC Patches. Our PVC (polyvinyl chloride) patches are made from a soft, rubber-like plastic that is highly weather-resistant. 

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