Automatic Size Tag Printer

Custom Size Tag Screen Printing & Relabeling

Looking to take your custom clothing line to the next level? Try out our custom size tag printing solutions.

At Zome Design we take size tag printing seriously. We have invested heavily in equipment specialized specifically in printing custom neck size tags. In today’s fast-paced world, we know you need your orders produced quicker than ever. Our automated tag printing press can print your custom printed tags quickly and efficiently.

Why should I relabel my custom t-shirts and sweatshirts?

Let’s face it, there are a million different clothing lines out there on the market today. Why should someone want to buy yours? Does it have a basic Gildan or Fruit of the Loom size tag printed? Great, Walmart sells that shirt for $5.

Make your clothing line really stand out as custom with your own custom printed size tag. This shows your audience you care about the fine print details, literally!

Another great use of custom neck labels is that you can add your contact information such as your web site or social media addresses. People do not want to wear a shirt with your web site and phone numbers blasted all over them. By putting it inside the shirt, the wearer will still see the information but will also have a shirt they’d be proud to wear without feeling like a walking billboard.

Size tag relabeling helpful tips

Size Tag Artwork:

Max Imprint Area: 4×4”

Ink Colors: We can print almost any ink color but we typically print light grays for tags so that they work across light and dark garments. Keep in mind tags prints can show through on light colored garments, especially white. Therefore, it’s important to stick to a lighter colored ink that won’t show through as much.

Sewn Tag Removal: Our team will need to review your garments sewn in size tags to determine how long it will take to remove the sewn in size tags. Please budget 1-3 business days extra for removing sewn in size tags.

Text Sizing: Keep in mind the style of garment you’re printing on when designing your artwork. If it’s a thicker material, the fonts will need to be bolder to be legible. We typically do a light pass on the print to prevent the ink from showing through to the back of the shirt as much as possible.

Tag Information: We recommend including your company or brand name, fabric content, country of origin, care instructions, and rn#. To make your printed size tag stand out, we recommend putting in a fun or witty slogan.

Special Notes:

All custom printed size tags are required to list the country of origin as well as the fabric contents. Some shirts have a second tag in the side of the shirt that lists this information. If you’re are planning to produce multiple styles of garments, you’ll need to have different tags made for each blend of fabric. For more information: Federal Wool & Trade Act.

Custom Size Tag Print Examples:

Need help? Talk to a size tag expert!