Free Shipping From SanMar On All Orders.

Looking to grow your business? Pack Separately. Ship Together. combines the resources of Zome Design, an industry leading wholesale contract screen printer and embroiderer, and SanMar, as an inventory leading apparel and accessories supplier, to create a simplified ordering process—from quality blank to the final screen printed or embroidered product.

Who is Sanmar?

Family-owned since 1971, Seattle-based SanMar is an award-winning supplier of 21 retail, private label and mill brands. They supply apparel and accessories to screen printers, embroiderers, promotional products distributors, athletic dealers, industrial launderers and more – whether they are outfitting a Fortune 500 corporation or the local high school.

SanMar is the exclusive distributor of Nike Golf, OGIO®, OGIO Endurance, Eddie Bauer®, Red Kap® , Bulwark® and New Era®. Our other retail brands include Gildan®, Anvil®, Jerzees®, Hanes®, Fruit of the Loom® and Russell Outdoors™.

SanMar also produces Port Authority®, America’s No.1 private clothing label. Red House®, Port & Company®, District®, District Made™, Sport-Tek®, CornerStone® and Precious Cargo® complete their high-quality private label offerings.

SanMar Shipping Map

SanMar features:

•    Hundreds of products

•    Eight national distribution centers

•    Over 4 million square feet of inventory space

•    One- or two-day shipping to 99.7 percent of the US

SanMar’s exclusive PSST program is a groundbreaking new offering and Zome Design is proud to be one of the elite contract decorating facilities in the country to be a part of the team. Zome Design is currently the ONLY PSST Decorator in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

The Reality

When satisfying an order, the promotional products distributor is looking for a simplified solution. So, in a time-starved world they often choose a supplier who offers in-house decoration. Unfortunately, that eliminates the opportunity for greater product selection, depth of inventory and can create decoration inconsistencies to the final product.

Rush orders are becoming more and more of an every day occurrence. You need to be able to process orders as quickly as possible so you can get onto the next sale. Consolidating your purchase orders can be a time consuming process and a major headache.

Zome Design’s typical procedures for receiving non-SanMar PSST orders:

  1. Receive shipments from UPS, FedEx & multiple LTL freight couriers
  2. Sort boxes by supplier
  3. Sort supplier boxes by contract client
  4. Sort client boxes by purchase order.
  5. Go through boxes and match garments to purchase orders. This can be very time consuming because multiple orders may be in the same box. Determining garment styles from one another can be a challenge as not all garments have their style numbers on the garments so it becomes a sort of guessing game and ultimately allowing room for human error.

As you can see, there are far too many steps and touch points to get an order to the production floor. This causes delays and other order processing inefficiencies.

The Solution.

When faced with the reality, Pack Separately. Ship Together. offers a real market advantage. The SanMar PSST program eliminates the need for bulk ordering. Each purchase order can be placed separately and then strategically consolidated into a daily shipment to Zome Design, at no cost to you.

This service solution frees you from the hassle of trying to meet SanMar’s $200 free freight minimum and makes the reconciliation process easier for your accounting team. Both provide valuable incentives that help your bottom line.

For Zome Design, the boxes arrive from SanMar on one daily truck with orders individually packaged and pre-sorted by purchase order. This enables Zome Design to quickly match your purchase orders with the corresponding SanMar garments and get them to the production floor as quickly as possible. This eliminates incorrectly sorted garments and ensures greater order accuracy.


With the PSST program, SanMar groups all of our clients orders together and ships them on pallets via an LTL freight courier. Using all of our clients collective buying power, we are able to pass these savings on to you.
Individually packaged purchase orders dramatically decreases the time it takes our shipping department to break open boxes and sort through the different orders.
Sample returns, clients cancelling orders, wrong garments ordered… stuff happens! Never pay the 20% restocking fee.
Have an issue with an order? There is no need for you to contact both SanMar & Zome Design. Contact us directly and our team will work with a dedicated SanMar support team to take care of your issue. This can save you several back and forth phone calls.
If an item is damaged during production, Zome Design works directly with SanMar to have credits issued to your account or new garments shipped out to us. This is a huge time and money saver, bringing greater profits to your bottom line.
Receive discounted spec samples on SanMar’s private label brands as well as Ogio, Eddie Bauer, Nike Golf & New Era. Give your customers decorated samples they can touch, feel and see to acquire greater sales potential.
Order your garments from SanMar via the PSST method by 1pm and they will ship same day. Orders from Seattle’s warehouse arrive the next day and orders from Reno, NV arrive in 2 days. This gives you a deep inventory for those quick turn orders.

How It Works.

After you have been approved for an account by Zome Design, here’s what you do:

  1. Send your artwork & PO to Zome Design.
  2. Order your quality blanks from SanMar and have them drop-shipped to Zome Design via the PSST method. (Early order cut off 1pm).
  3. Receive your final decorated product directly from Zome Design, or let Zome Design blind drop-ship the order directly to your customer.

The Next Step.

The SanMar PSST Program is a free service for any ASI, PPAI, SAGE or any other promotional products distributor. Whether you’re ready to get started right now with us or you need more information about the SanMar PSST program, we want to work with you.

Call or e-mail to find out if this program makes sense for your business.


Yes. Your order will ship free freight ground on the day the order is
placed, providing the order is made before standard cutoff time. If past
cutoff time, your order will ship the following day via free freight ground.
Yes. We know exceptions to your regular PSST schedule may be
necessary, so just place the order as you normally would, choosing the
ship via that you need. Standard freight policy will apply.

Save Money. Save Time. Increase Your Bottom Line.