Inside-Out Screen Printing

Looking for something new and different for your clothing line or brand? Try out our inside-out water based screen printing technique.

The shirts are turned inside out and then screen printed with your design. The ink penetrates through the garment and shows through on the other side. This effect gives the shirt a vintage, heathered look. We think it super awesome and something new and fresh that you don’t see often. Since we’re using water-based inks, you won’t even feel the print on your skin after you wash it for the first time.

The video to the left shows a 1 color water based print for a local church.

Inside-out screen printing helpful tips

Inside-Out Printing Garment Tips:

  • 100% cotton usually works best, but we can do other blends.

  • It’s best to choose a lighter colored shirt so that the ink shows up well when it soaks through to the other side. White works best.

  • Lightweight shirts are preferred so the ink is able to transfer through to the other side.

  • Recommended brands: Bella + Canvas 3001, Next Level 3600, District DT6000, American Apparel 2001, Alternative Apparel AA9070

Inside-out Printing Design Tips:

  • Large bold designs work best. Small fonts may not be legible. You want to have good ink penetration into the garment.

  • We can print up to 8 colors but we recommend fewer colors so you can get more ink coverage to soak into the shirt.

  • The design needs to be mirror-imaged so that it looks correct once shown through the shirt. Our design team can handle this for you.

  • Note: Every shirt will look slightly different. Ink may have different saturation levels in the different areas of the design.

Inside-Out Screen Print Examples:

Need help? Talk to a inside-out printing expert!