Water Based Discharge Screen Printing

Many of our screen printing clients come to us looking for super soft prints and inks that aren’t thick and chunky. We also receive requests for environmentally friendly inks, especially when screen printing on organic cotton t-shirts. Water based & discharge Inks are the perfect fit.

It’s best to first know what water based and discharge inks are and what their best application is. They are not always the best solution for every garment or project.

The video to the left shows a 6 color water based discharge print for a local cannabis clothing line. This was our very first ever water-based discharge order back in early 2011. We have changed processes and inks over the last 8 years since we first started doing the water-based printing. However, we still think this is a great visual example of how the water-based discharge process works.

What is the difference between water based, discharge, & plastisol ink?