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Foil Screen Printing

Add some bling to your design with our high quality foil printing technique. Foil works great for simple accents to a design as well as a loud bold statement. Foil prints give a mirror like effect to your screen prints and really shine when any light hits them. Foil transfer prints are truly an elegant, sophisticated look and can tremendously help increase the value of a shirt. Foil transfer prints are perfect for taking your retail fashion apparel line to the next level.

What is Foil Screen Printing?


Foil Screen Printing is similar to traditional screen printing but an adhesive glue ink is used instead of standard plastisol inks. The foil is cut in squares off of a large roll of foil. It is then placed over the glue adhesive print and heat pressed. The heat press activates the glue adhesive and grabs onto the foil. After the print cools, the foil sheet is pulled off and the excess foil is peeled off of the garment.

Foil printing is a premium screen printing method so you need to make sure you’re only working with true foil transfer printing experts (Hey! That’s us!). We work with several high-end fashion apparel lines that expect the best in quality in their custom foil printed t-shirts.

  • Screen Printing Glue Adhesive
  • Heat Pressing Foil
  • Peeling off the excess foil
  • Black Foil Print

Methods of Screen Printing Transfer Foils


With this method, only 1 color of foil is seen on the garment.

Add 1 business day to standard turn time for this process.

Use this method whe